Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Glasses

The youngest Benge lady has joined the ranks of the visually impaired. Our 5 year-old received her first pair of glasses this morning and loves them. She has a prescription of 2.5 in her right eye and 0.5 in her left. I have no idea how she's been seeing until now, but she is extremely glad to be seeing everything clearly now. Look through her glasses in this picture, you can see just how bad her eyes really are.
#3 loves the Princess Giselle glasses and the cute case they came with. Only Disney would think to give a pair of girl's glasses in a princess purse.

She is adorable in her glasses. I'm just thankful we caught it early and she can see.

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Debra said...

Beautiful! A true princess in the making. Love Grandmom